Subscription enabled for calendars

You can now get automatic updates for our events on you Android, iPhone or computer calendar!  At the bottom of the Upcoming Events page is a “subscribe” button – click or tap that and it will ask which type of calendar you have.

  • If you use Outlook on your home computer, then choose the “Outlook” button the accept the dialogue boxes.
  • If you use a Mac, choose “Apple Calendar”.
  • If you are using an iPhone, tap on “Add to Apple Calendar” twice, then tap on “Subscribe”.
  • If you are using an Android phone, it will depend on which calendar service you use as to which type you should select.  Again you may need to tap on this twice.

Note that by default you will subscribe only to those events run by Knockholt Carnival Charities.  From time to time we may include events from other organisations; if you’d like to have these on your calendar as well then select them in the ‘category’ box at the top of the calendar!



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