Carnival 2016

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Our fabulous carnival will be taking place on Saturday 9 July, with a parade through the village starting at 12 noon, leading to a festival on the recreation ground!  Now’s the time to get involved and to make sure you know how to plan your day, including how to get to the village well before the roads are closed for the parade.

What’s on

Make sure you know which roads are going to be closed and when before setting out.

Things to note

Entry to the carnival field is £1 per adult; children go free.

Please note that no dogs will be allowed onto the carnival ground.

Only alcohol purchased on the carnival ground is permitted to be consumed on the carnival ground.

Get involved!

Our carnival is only possible due to everyone getting involved – organising floats, running stalls, directing cars, decorating houses and (of course!) collecting money.  We hope that you will be able to participate as well:

  • Organising floats – our parade route is suitable for participants of all ages
  • Running stalls – a great opportunity to fundraise and meet people
  • Decorating houses – a tradition that makes the village look amazing
  • Volunteering – helping in the car park, on the gates, or as a traffic marshall

Please contact Carole Moody at if you want more information.

5 thoughts on “Carnival 2016

  1. We met a stall holder who has attended your carnival event before and they suggested we contacted you as you may be interested in having us at your event. So here we are.

    Please see below a little bit about us:

    My husband and I developed a preserves business called First Ascot Luxury Jams, Jellies, Preserves and Chutneys from our home in Gravesend in late summer 2013. We are very passionate about local Kent produce and businesses. All are preserves are made with local seasonal fruit and vegetables, our preserves are quite unusual as they mainly go with meat and cheese e.g. apple wine jelly (great with pork) or elderberry wine jelly (great with beef); as well as making some classic favourites e.g orange marmalade, strawberry. We are very proud that our jars, labelling and ingredients are all from Kent where possible (we are yet to find a citrus supplier in Kent).

    Our business is a result of our love for quality local food and the Kent countryside. We also have a community orchard where local farmers and Kent residents provide us with their surplus to make preserves. We are a small craft business, we both still have full time jobs as well as making our luxury preserves.

    We are on Facebook as well as the web;

    We would love to join you 9th July 2016 please can you supply us with details of how to apply for a stall.

    Kind regards

    Alastair & Anna Marie
    First Ascot Luxury Preserves

  2. Looks like us and our Old English sheepdog wont be attending this year, thanks parish council, why the ban?

  3. If dogs are not allowed on Carnival ground yhen we can assume there will be no dog shows of any kind…….

    1. Thank you for your comments. We understand the disappointment of some local dog owners that dogs will not be allowed onto the Carnival field at the Recreation Ground this year and that there will not be a dog show. This decision was made taking into account the restrictions put in place by the Parish Council and the clean-up operation necessary after previous events which dogs attended.

      Entry to the carnival is only £1 per adult and re-entry is permitted with a hand stamp, so local dog owners can pop home and check on their dogs whilst still enjoying this fantastic charity event. Dogs are permitted on the parade route through the village but not onto the Recreation Ground.

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